A tasty film noir-cum-boxing melodrama, 1947's Body and Soul is notable for serving as the archetypal vehicle for John Garfield, who received an Academy Award nomination for his turn as feisty, haunted boxing champ Charlie Davis. Director’s Robert Rossen's film directly inspired Martin Scorsese with Raging Bull, especially apparent in the film's whiz-bang climactic fight sequence.With excellent supporting roles by Lili Palmer, Hazel Brooks, William Conrad, and Canada Lee, the story deals with the usual territory of sudden success spoiled with arrogance and greed. Besides the nuanced acting, good direction and snappy script, Body and Soul counts as a worthwhile film for James Wong Howe's gorgeous cinematography. There's something about Howe's camerawork that brings out a luminosity in even the most fake looking of backdrops. He makes the film breathe, and it often feels so gritty you could almost touch it.  Charlie's climactic bout is a dreamlike flurry of casual documentary-like footage, deep focus, pore-exposing close-ups, bloodthirsty audience shots and the constant flashes of photographers' bulbs. The scene serves as an astonishing finale to an already fantastic flick. The film won an Oscar for Best Film Editing, and Oscar nominations for John Garfield as Best Actor, and Best Original Screenplay. (Adapted from Matt Hinrichs’ review on DVD Talk.)

Academy Ratio 1.37:1                                       DTS-HD Master Audio Mono.                                                          106 Minutes

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