Showing Friday December 3rd, 2021


 30th Anniversary Screening 

He was a doctor who thought he knew it all, until he became the patient! Reunited for the first time since their classic Children of a Lesser God, screen great William Hurt and director Randa Haines team up for another successful collaboration in The Doctor. Hurt joins Christine Lahti , Mandy Patinkin  and Elizabeth Perkins in the hit release that’s been hailed as one of the must-see films of that year. It’s the uplifting story of a man who becomes an extraordinary surgeon, as well as an extraordinary person, once he experiences firsthand what it’s like being an ordinary patient. Touching hearts of critics and audiences alike, The Doctor promises to entertain and inspire you from beginning to end.

Coincidental to our screening on December 3rd, Cuba and most Latin American countries celebrate Doctor’s Day because of the birthdate of Cuban born Dr. Carlos J. Finlay. Walter Reed was a U.S. Army physician who in 1901, led the team that confirmed Dr. Finlay's  theory that yellow fever was transmitted by a particular mosquito species, rather than by direct contact. Happy Doctor's Day!!!

Widescreen 1.85:1                                               DTS-HD Master Audio                                                        122 Minutes

                                    Upcoming Friday Night Screenings at CineMartinez for 2021:

Due to the COVID 19 Delta variant surge in South Florida, we are taking extra precautions in order to continue our Friday night showings. We will continue to limit  attendance to 12 people (50%) inclusive of  the two hosts. We still encourage hand sanitizing, and physical distancing, and will ask our guests to please wear masks again regardless of vaccination status. We will confirm the guests with reservations via e-mail. Stay safe, and hope to see you all soon at the movies.

Please note that this schedule is an attempt to accommodate requested favorites, but is by no means cast in stone and may, at our discretion, undergo changes to programming.​​​​ ​​​​​​

The dates in GREEN have some seat availability​, please e-mail me to reserve.


December      3rd    The Doctor (30th Anniversary)    Happy Doctor's Day!!!!

December     10th   Bye Bye Birdie (Humbi’s Birthday choice)

December     17th   The Yearling (75th Anniversary)

December    18th   I Love You Alice B. Toklas (1968) IB Technicolor                               SATURDAY POOLSIDE

December      23rd  Home Alone (1990) Christmas Movie

December      30th  No screening

                                                                          HAPPY NEW YEAR 2022

January  7            The Court Jester (65th Anniversary)

January   8            Dark Passage (75th Anniversary)                                                        SATURDAY POOLSIDE                                                                                

January  14          Gentleman Jim (1942) 

January  21          Picnic (1955)        

January 28            JoJo Rabbit (2019)

February 4           The Five Pennies (1959)

February 5           Jessica (60th Aniversary) IB Technicolor Scope                                 SATURDAY POOLSIDE                                          

February 11         In the Heights (2021)

February 18         The Andromeda Strain (1971)

February  25        Ivanhoe (70th Anniversary)

March        4         Jungle Cruise 4K (2021)

March      5           The Charge of the Light Brigade (85th Anniversary)                      SATURDAY POOLSIDE

March     11          Love in the Afternoon (65th Anniversary), Maria

March   18            The Courier (2021)

March    25           Casablanca (80th Anniversary)

April        1            The Greatest Show on Earth (70th Anniversary)

April        2           The Southern Star (1969) IB Technicolor Scope                                SATURDAY POOLSIDE                                                                                                                                                                                       

April        8           The Ten Commandments (4K)

April     15            Airplane (1980)

April     22            No screening          

April     29            No screening

April     30            No screening

May      6              Cruella 4K (2021)

May       7             Beneath the 12 Mile Reef ( 1953 )  IB Technicolor Scope                 SATURDAY  POOLSIDE

May      13           Dr. No (60th Anniversary)
May      20           Animal House (45th Anniversary)
May      27           Scaramouch (70th Anniversary)
June       3            Wild Mountain Thyme (2020)
June       4            The Mark of Zorro (1940)                                                                       SATURDAY  POOLSIDE
June      10           The Music Man (60th Anniversary)
June      17           No screening
June      24           Cabaret (50th Anniversary)

July          1           Clue (1985)
July         2            Yankee Doodle Dandy (1942)                                                               SATURDAY  POOLSIDE

July         8            Frenzy (50th Anniversary)

July        15           Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings 4K (2021)

July        22

July        29

July        30          City Beneath The Sea (1953) IB Technicolor                                         SATURDAY POOLSIDE

August    5 

August  12

August  19

August  26

August  27           The Fan (1949)                                                                                        SATURDAY  POOLSIDE
​September 2

September 9

September 16

September 23

​September 24    ​The Vagabond King  (1956) IB Technicolor                                      SATURDAY  POOLSIDE 
​October      22     ​Union Pacific (1939)                                                                             SATURDAY POOLSIDE​November 19     The Iron Mistress (1952)                                                                     SATURDAY POOLSIDE​December  17     E.T. The Extraterrestial (40th Anniversary)                                      SATURDAY POOLSIDE


​                                                                           HAPPY NEW YEAR 2023

January     14     A Night to Remember (1958)                                                          SATURDAY POOLSIDE 

February   11    Lost Horizon (1937)                                                                          SATURDAY POOLSIDE  
March        11    Prince of Foxes (1949)                                                                     SATURDAY POOLSIDE      

April             8    The Desert Song (70th anniversary)  IB Technicolor                  SATURDAY POOLSIDE
May              6    Spawn of the North                                                                         SATURDAY POOLSIDE