THE BURGLARS  is a heist caper film in the same league as RIFIFI, TOPKAPI, OCEAN'S ELEVEN and THE ANDERSON TAPES. Filmed on location in Greece and directed by Henri Venueil who specialized in such action films like THE SICILIAN CLAN, THE SERPENT and FEAR IN THE CITY. The film was filmed, in French (LA CASSE) and in English Belmondo plays master cat burglar Asad who with his gang performs an elaborate heist of precious emeralds from a rich socialite's villa in Greece. They are being pursued by a tenacious crooked police detective marvelously played by Omar Sharif who wants the emerald for himself. Belmondo and Sharif play a very dangerous cat and mouse game between them to see which one of them ends up with the emeralds with luscious Dyan Cannon as the bait. There are great car chase scenes similar to the ones in BULLITT and THE FRENCH CONNECTION courtesy of Remy Julianne and his stunt team but Belmondo himself performed all of his outrageous stunts in this film. The icing on the cake is the marvelous buoyant score by Maestro Ennio Morricone. Beautifully restored for it’s 50th anniversary.

Panavison 2.35:1                                        English DTS-HD Master Audio                                                     120 Minutes

  Showing Friday October 15th, 2021


50th Anniversary Screening 



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October        15th​    The Burglars (1971) In memory of Jean Paul Belondo

October        22nd   Fiddler on the Roof (50th Anniversary

October         29th   Sphinx (40th Anniversary)

October         30th    Haunted Honeymoon (35th Anniversary)            HALLOWEEN      SATURDAY POOLSIDE                                                            
November      5th   Obsession (45th Anniversary)  

November      12th  Notorious (75th Anniversary)

November      19th  Duel in the Sun (75th Anniversary)

November      20th  Abandon Ship (1957)                                                                            SATURDAY POOLSIDE

November    26th   The Harvey Girls (75th anniversary)   

December      3rd    The Doctor (30th Anniversary)

December     10th   Bye Bye Birdie (Humbi’s Birthday choice)

December     17th   The Yearling (75th Anniversary)

December    18th   I Love You Alice B. Toklas (1968) IB Technicolor                               SATURDAY POOLSIDE

December      23rd  Home Alone (1990) Christmas Movie

December      30th  No screening

                                                                          HAPPY NEW YEAR 2022

January  7            The Court Jester (65th Anniversary)

January   8           The Southern Star (1969) IB Technicolor Scope                                SATURDAY POOLSIDE                                                                                

January  14          Gentleman Jim (1942) 

January  21          Picnic (1955)        

January 28            JoJo Rabbit (2019)

February 4           The Five Pennies (1959)

February 5           Jessica (60th Aniversary) IB Technicolor Scope                                 SATURDAY POOLSIDE                                          

February 11         In the Heights (2021)

February 18         The Andromeda Strain (1971)

February 25

March      4

March      5            The Charge of the Light Brigade (85th Anniversary)                      SATURDAY POOLSIDE

March     11

March   18

March    25

April        1

April        2           Lost Horizon (1937)                                                                               SATURDAY POOLSIDE                                                                                                         

April        8           The Ten Commandments (4K)

April     15 

April     22            No screening          

April     29            No screening

April     30           No screening

May      6 

May       7             City Beneath The Sea (1953) IB Technicolor                                      SATURDAY POOLSIDE

May      13         
May      20
May      27
June       3
June       4          The Mark of Zorro (1940)                                                                       SATURDAY  POOLSIDE
June      10
June      17
June      24  

July          1
July         2         Yankee Doodle Dandy (1942)                                                              SATURDAY  POOLSIDE

July         8

July        15

July        22

July        29

July        30         Beneath the 12 Mile Reef ( 1953 )  IB Technicolor Scope                 SATURDAY  POOLSIDE

August    5 

August  12

August  19

August  26

August  27          The Fan (1949)                                                                                        SATURDAY  POOLSIDE
​September 2

September 9

September 16

September 23

​September 24    ​The Vagabond King  (1956) IB Technicolor                                      SATURDAY  POOLSIDE 
​October      22     ​Union Pacific (1939)                                                                             SATURDAY POOLSIDE

​November 19     The Iron Mistress (1952)                                                                     SATURDAY POOLSIDE

​December  17     E.T. The Extraterrestial (40th Anniversary)

                                                                      HAPPY NEW YEAR 2023

January       15     A Night to Remember (1958)                                                            SATURDAY POOLSIDE

February     12    The Desert Song (70th anniversary)  IB Technicolor                     SATURDAY POOLSIDE
March          12    Prince of Foxes (1949)                                                                        SATURDAY POOLSIDE

April                9   Spawn of the North (1939)                                                                 SATURDAY POOLSIDE