Seven Brides for Seven Brothers is one of the most popular movie musicals ever made. It was a sleeper hit for MGM in 1954, which had such low expectations that it repeatedly cut the film's production budget—only to be shocked when Seven Brides outperformed its prestige musical release of that year, Brigadoon. Theatrical reissues, TV broadcasts and home video incarnations have expanded the film's fandom far beyond its initial reception, and some of its fans are as fanatical as any Star Wars devotee. As with most great movies, it's impossible to pin down exactly what makes Seven Brides so enduring and effective. The script by Albert Hackett and Frances Goodrich (who wrote Easter Parade), with additional work by Dorothy Kingsley (who adapted Kiss Me Kate) is a neatly structured model of narrative efficiency. The original songs by Gene de Paul and Johnny Mercer are both tuneful and clever. The choreography by Michael Kidd, whose arm Donen had to twist to get him involved, is a unique combination of dance, acrobatics and physical comedy (best exemplified by the infectiously energetic barn dance sequence). The casting is flawless, anchored by the two leads, with Keel giving one of his best performances as Adam, exuding an irresistible charm that makes both Milly and the audience willing to forgive his many mistakes. Nelson's Milly is a career-best for the actress, a unique combination of grit and gentility that lets her slip into the role of family matriarch without hesitation or opposition.​ Years of exhaustive search for healthy surviving film elements has paid off, and the film has been restored to it's original brilliance for it's 65th anniversary. If interested, there is a detailed review of the restoration on line at the web site.

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